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What is Pagemap?

Collaborate on contract reviews more effectively using Pagemap's smart tools to save time and reduce risk

Definitions in context

See what each defined term means in context, without having to search for the definition.

Multiple live searches

Search for multiple keywords simultaneously and see them all coloured coded

Stay on track

Review cross-referenced clauses in context, without paging up and down to find the text

Retrace your steps

Easily find your way back to your starting point using Pagemap's breadcrumb trail

Search for dates

Find dates in a variety of formats, and see the day of the week on which they fall


Securely share your documents, comments and markup with clients, suppliers or colleagues

Word and PDF files

One powerful tool for both Word and PDF documents
(powered by Solid Documents)

Save time

Pagemap takes you back to where you last viewed your document


Highlight and comment on text and share these securely with colleagues and clients

All in a secure environment


Pagemap uses SSL security to ensure your documents are secure, and only those people whom you explicitly invite to view your documents can see them.

Here's what our users say:

The design and features are nicely intuitive and it easily identified inconsistent terms in my document.

Public Sector Procurement Specialist

It’s impressive - Pagemap identified and clearly marked all the defined terms when I uploaded a complex US contract.

In-house Lawyer

Being able to search for multiple keywords and have them highlighted in different colours helped greatly when searching for context

Resource Management Lawyer