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Pagemap is moving to be a Word add-in

Very soon you can look up defined terms and cross-references
from with Microsoft Word on both Windows and Mac.

Beta version of TermRunner launching in May 2019

Review contracts more easily using Pagemap’s

smart tools to save time and reduce risk

Definitions in context

See what each defined term means in context, without having to search for the definition.

Stay on track

Review cross-referenced clauses in context, without paging up and down to find the text

Keep up to date with new developments

Here’s what our users say

Avid Legal, New Zealand

We recently used PageMap to review a 50+ page client-drafted agreement with a specific request to ensure the definitions had been used consistently. Pagemap saved us 90 minutes and helped accurately pick up 200+ instances of undefined terms and unused definitions. A purely manual review would not have picked them all up within the timeframe required. Pagemap saved time, improved accuracy.

Murray Whyte

PPG Group, Australia

Pagemap makes PPG’s compliance process surrounding contract reviews so much more efficient and minimises the risk overlooking something hidden in a dark corner of a contract.  We have to liaise with multiple stakeholders internally as well as externally, Pagemap gives us the tool to do this within a portal that is easy to follow, vet, approve and have an agreed version all in one place. It gets everyone on the team fully engaged in the process and ensures a complete record of the entire review.

Stephen Dance
Group Compliance | Risk | Logistics Manager

Page Seager Lawyers, Australia

We primarily use pagemap as a quality assurance tool enabling our team to quickly and cost-effectively undertake a final review before releasing documents.  It sits neatly with our strategy of delivering legal services in a better way through deploying the best technology available.

Gerry Connolly
Managing Partner