Why oh why are the definitions in a legal contract spread out all over the place?

May be lawyers think their clients enjoy a good treasure hunt?

Just look at the image of a contract I had to sign and see how the one hundred Defined Terms are scattered here and there (I’ve coloured them pink) – some are even defined twice.

Well personally, I prefer to put all my mental energy into understand the contract, which is why I created Pagemap. It analyses a legal document (either Word or PDF) and automatically identifies all the Defined Terms, and outs all the definitions only a click away, so you can read them in context.

Pagemap does a similar thing with Cross-references. It finds them all (even those without a hyperlink) and stores the destination clause so you can click on any Cross-reference and immediately see the destination text, so no more frantic scrolling up and down to find the meaning of things.

If you do need to check another clause, Pagemap makes it easy to come back to where you started by displaying a breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen, so just one click returns you home.

We’ve put lots of other features into Pagemap, such as multiple keyword searches and date searches, making document reviews so much faster. And you can easily share the results with your clients and colleagues using Pagemap’s sharing feature.

Pagemap stores your documents securely in the cloud, so you access them anywhere using your web-browser.

You can have a free trial of Pagemap (no credit card required). We currently have a BETA version available, and are looking for as much feedback as possible. If you have a great idea for a new feature or find a bug, let me know, and help Pagemap with its goal to take away all those contract review headaches.