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API to Send Document to Pagemap from 3rd-Party Applications

Pagemap’s API allows users to easily upload new documents directly to Pagemap from other 3rd-party software (such as legal document management or drafting tools). It also allows users to quickly view their existing documents on Pagemap with a single click in the 3rd-party application.

In order to set this up, the user only needs to provide the 3rd-party application with their Pagemap “API key”, which can be found in their “Account” settings on Pagemap. The API key functions as a password that allows a 3rd party app to perform certain actions on Pagemap on behalf of the user.

The functionality currently provided by the API is:

Find an Existing Document on Pagemap

Given a filename and “date modified” timestamp, the API will search the user’s documents to see if the document has already been uploaded to Pagemap. If it already exists, the API will return a URL link to the document on Pagemap.

The “date modified” timestamp is used to make sure that documents with the same name – but new modifications – are treated as separate documents.

Upload a New Document

Given a Word or pdf document, the API will upload the document to Pagemap and return a URL to the document on Pagemap. This URL is private and the document will only be visible to the user that uploaded the document.

If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected].