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At Pagemap our goal is to make contracts and other legal agreements more intelligible and accessible. So we’ve created an online tool that makes reviewing contracts quicker and easier.

Who we are and how Pagemap will help you

As a business, we are dedicated to helping people review contracts and other legal documents as part of a wider contract management system.

Our software is designed by experienced business managers, with expert input from lawyers. Navigating around any complex document can take so much mental effort that there’s often little left for understanding the content. Pagemap uses ingenious search algorithms to find key information, and present it in context when you need it.

With Pagemap, you spend less time paging up and down to find critical information and more time reading it, thereby gaining a better understanding. This allows you to make better decisions for your business and reduces your risk.

We are proudly a New Zealand business, and our team is based in Auckland, Wellington and Nelson.

Simon Stockdale is the founder and creator of Pagemap. He was worked with software and systems for over 20 years, in the UK and New Zealand.

Having worked on projects in large corporates and founded small startup business, he often saw the challenges faced by managers when understanding commercial contracts.

In 2012, he set out to design an online tool that could wrangle the plethora of cross-references and defined terms and present them to the reader in an easy to navigate form.

Working with input from several lawyers, Simon assembled a team to design and build the application which became Pagemap.

Simon previosuly served as Chair of LegalTechNZ, whose aims are to help the New Zealand legal sector transition to a digital future and foster the development of the New Zealand Legal Tech industry.

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Development Team

Jon Lemmon

leads the design and development work around defined terms

Craig Ambrose

has designed and built the document parsing libraries

Stewart Knapman

developed our prototype and designed Pagemap’s UI

Emma Stockdale

creates Pagemap’s user knowledge base and tests software