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Collaboration with Pagemap

Pagemap offers a Managed Collaboration Process that’s Moderated by the Document Owner  

Sharing +

When the document owner shares a document with other collaborators, they also share any keywords they’ve applied to the document, giving the collaborator a headstart.

Collaborators can the add or remove keywords as they require, without affecting those seen by the document owner.

The document owner retains control of access to the document as collaborators cannot on share the document.


Comments appear both in the left-hand margin and the Comment Drawer.  Here they can be sorted by date and time, so it’s easy to see the most recent comments

The comment author can only edit or delete comments before they’ve been replied to, thereby protecting the integrity of the review.

Comments can be only be accepted or rejected by the document owner.

When a new comment is added by another user while you’re viewing a document, you’re notified of the number of new comments in Pagemap’s title bar.  You can easily find the most recent comments by sorting them in the Comment Drawer below.

Sorting + Filtering

Comments also appear in the Comment Drawer preceded by their clause number.  They can be sorted by date and time, so it’s easy to see the most recent comments, and they are all hyperlinked to the document text, so one click takes you straight there.

Comments can also be sorted by author and document order, and you can filter comments by their status (accepted/rejected/unclassified).


The document owner can accept and reject comments.


To support document revision in Word, the list of comments in the Comment Drawer can be filtered show only Accepted or Rejected comments.

Once a review is complete, the document can be locked for archiving.

and stored in user created folders as required.