There are many questions to be answered when reviewing a Procurement Contract


How are the benefits documented?


What if things are delivered late?

How can we monitor performance?


Is everything supplied compliant?

What if something doesn’t work?

Does it specify what we should be getting?


Are we covered for health and safety?

How can we exit the contract?


Are performance + service levels defined?

Are the costs clearly set out?

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Pagemap is the ideal platform for reviewing and collaborating on procurement contracts

Pagemap is a procurement contract review tool that automatically identifies defined terms warns you if they’re not used in the agreement text, have been defined twice or the text instead refers to “customer” instead of “client”.

It has keyword checklists to address the contract issues that are important to you and your organisation.

Quickly find and comment on relevant clauses, then securely share your comments with your colleagues in the business and legal department.

Pagemap has lots of other useful tools making it easier to navigate a contract and leaving you more time to focus on the important issues.

Procurement contracts are the basis of your relationship with suppliers.

Unless they are fully understood you’re certain they serve your interests, you may not be in a position to manage them to gain the benefits promised.

A contract’s foundations are its definitions, so if they’re not solid your procurement contract will be on shaky ground from day one.

There are many issues that need be covered by a contract, and these often have to be reviewed by several groups or people in an organisation.


User editable keyword lists

Which can include topics such as:

  • Acceptance
  • Payment terms
  • Performance
  • Health and safety
  • Renewal and termination

Moderation by the document owner

Unique document navigation tools


Purpose-built collaboration platform


Secure archive for completed reviews


Smart search tools

Cloud-based - no software to install

Defined term integrity checks

Works on Apple Mac

Works on Windows

MS Word compatible

PDF compatible

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Here’s what our users say

PPG Group, Australia

Pagemap makes PPG’s compliance process surrounding contract reviews so much more efficient and minimises the risk overlooking something hidden in a dark corner of a contract.  We have to liaise with multiple stakeholders internally as well as externally, Pagemap gives us the tool to do this within a portal that is easy to follow, vet, approve and have an agreed version of a contract all in one place. It gets everyone on the team fully engaged in the process and ensures a complete record of the entire review.

I’d recommend Pagemap to anyone wanting to simplify, streamline and make their contract review process fully compliant and tight. 

Stephen Dance

Group Compliance | Risk | Logistics Manager, PPG Group