TermRunner User Guide

    TermRunner is an Add-in for Microsoft Word that makes it easier to understand legal documents. It displays clauses and defined terms in a side panel alongside the main document.

    To download TermRunner from the Microsoft Ofice Store – click here

    Getting Started

    Once you have your document open, click on the TermRunner icon at the lefthand side of your Home ribbon.

    TermRunner will take a few seconds to analyze the open document and then display the start of the document in the sidebar.

    Displaying Referenced Text

    To display the section of the document containing referenced text, simply selected the cross reference, such as a defined term or section/clause number. TermRunner will then display the first instance of any matching section of the document. Defined terms are highlighted in yellow and cross-references in green.

    If there are multiple instances of the referenced text, you can navigate between them using the forward and backward controls in TermRunner’s search bar.

    Search from Sidebar

    As well as selecting text in the document for a TermRunner search, you can also type directly into TermRunner’s search box or select text display in TermRunner’s sidebar.

    Resize Sidebar

    Aswell, you can change the width of TermRunner’s sidebar by hovering over the gray dividing line between the document and the sidebar, which turns the cursor into a double-headed arrow, which you can move to adjust the width.

    Change Font Size

    To increase or decrease TermRunner’s font size, use the Font size up/down options in the settings (cog) menu.